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Casual shoes are worn with everyday attire. The traditional casual shoes have profiles with a wide room, uppers that are made with leather and outsoles made with other sturdy materials. Today's shoes are made with a bigger variety of materials like rubber, plastic, metal, wood and fabrics. Casual shoes are made for both men and women.

Men's casual shoes

Men's casual shoes are traditionally classified into three kinds. These are Bluchers, Balmorals and Monk-straps. Bluchers are casual shoes with laces attached to two separate leather flaps and are also known as Derby shoes. Balmorals have shoelaces attached to a V-shaped slit and are called Oxfords in England. Meanwhile, Monk-straps are casual shoes that replaced shoelaces with straps and buckles.

Women's casual shoes

Casual shoes for women have a wider collection compared to men's footwear. Two popular types of women's casual shoes are high heels and ballet flats. High heels are made for women who want added height and are known to elongate legs for a more seductive look. Ballet flats are casual shoes inspired by slippers that ballerinas wear. This kind of footwear has thin or no heels. These are a comfortable way of wearing feminine styles without the pain from high heels.

Casual shoes for both men and women

There are casual shoes that are great for both sexes. Examples of these kinds of footwear are sandals and boots. Sandals are open toed casual shoes with soles and straps designed to make the majority of the feet breathe. Meanwhile, boots are footwear that covers the area above the ankle.

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